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Thank you for visiting our Shield Security Systems Kansas City site.  We invite you to use our site and Security Blog to learn more about Security Systems and about our company.  We believe you’ll find our honest approach to Kansas City Home Security Systems and Security Cameras refreshing and helpful.  Should you desire any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. As you use this site as a resource to learn more about security systems, we do want to remind you of a few of the reasons, that our many clients continue to trust their security to us.

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Kansas City Home Security Companies

In order to choose the right Kansas City Alarm Companies, it is important to understand how the security system companies in Kansas City work.  Our goal is for you to make an informed security system decision.  So first we will describe how the security system industry works.  It all starts with alarm monitoring.

Security System Monitoring

When people think of security systems, they usually think of the companies that monitor their alarms, verify the alarms and dispatch the proper authorities.  Kansas City Security System Monitoring is done by one of three types of central stations that exist to serve this important role.

Dealer Programs

The first are dealer programs that have a network of authorized independent sellers who are licensed to use their name as an “authorized dealer.”  These are the most famous, because the big monitoring conglomerate usually has a large national marketing budget and let their dealers benefit from the advertising.  The distinction is that the sellers and installers of your security system in this case, is not an employee of the company that will ultimately be monitoring your system and therefore they do not necessarily have a motivation to look after your long term best interests.  They instead usually sell your account to the large monitoring conglomerate and move onto their next prospect. In this case, you will usually know who will be monitoring your system because they let their dealers use their names.  Shield Security Systems is not a dealer program, we are a full service security system company that owns our national central stations so that you have the same company sell, install, monitor and service your system as long as you give us the privilege of serving you.

Third Party Central Stations

A third party central station does not usually do any marketing and lets the Kansas City home security companies pretend that they have their own monitoring company.  They will even answer the phone as the local installer to convey this perception.  There are both high quality and low quality third party alarm monitoring companies.  In this model, small, often one-man companies sell and install your system and then select a third party monitoring company to do the monitoring.  The problem is that the one-man show has no control over the quality of the monitoring and often chooses the alarm monitoring company based on price and subsequent profit, rather than on the quality of their alarm monitoring services.  The other challenge is that the small company that sold and installed your system might not have the resources to properly support you going forward and often sell out after a year or two.  Shield uses Shield Central stations and is backed by a national franchise company to provide outstanding support and consistency.

Full Service Security System Companies in the Kansas City Metro

Most Kansas City Area clients are best served by a full service security system company that controls your security experience from end to end.  These companies will have a dedicated sales and technical work force as well as their own large UL listed central station.  Within this classification, you will still find a variety of companies, some that specialize in home theater, some that specialize in commercial systems, some in fire systems, and some for residential.  Shield specializes is security and alarm systems for homes and small to medium businesses as well as advanced security cameras systems for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Types of Security Systems

There are two main types of home alarm systems and there are several features and characteristics that go into the design of the system.

Control Equipment

  • Central Controller or Processor that controls all of the functions of the security system.  They process the signals from the detection equipment.
    • A distributed controller has the processor, keypad, and siren as separate elements and can use hardwired or wireless sensors
    • An integrated all in one controller usually uses all wireless sensors, but often bundle additional functionality and features at a competitive price.
  • Keypad to allow user  to control the alarm system
  • Backup battery to power the system when it loses power
  • Siren to alert people of an intrusion or fire as well as to startle and disorient an intruder
  • Digital Communicator to alert central station of emergency. It could be of three varieties:
    • Land-line phone
    • Cellular radio
    • Internet
  • Shield installs Honeywell Security Systems in most of our new installations, but we have many customers with DMP, GE, DSC, and Ademco.

Detection Equipment

  • Door and window contact to detect unauthorized opening
  • Pet immune motion detectors to detect the presence of people moving around within a protected area
  • Acoustic glass break detectors to listen for the sound of breaking glass
  • Smoke and heat detectors to detect fire
  • Flood detectors, Freeze detectors, Carbon monoxide detectors etc. to detect other threats
  • Almost all detection equipment is available in hardwired and wireless versions

Security Principles

Regardless of what type of security system you decide on, there are three main principles to security, whether your are a home owner or a business.  They are sometimes referred to as the 3 D’s. Deterrence, Denial, and Detection. By filling out the form to the right, you can order a free home security checklist that we will email to you, providing many safety and security ideas.


Your first priority is to discourage a would-be criminal from targeting you in the first place.  This involves making it look like you are home even when you are not and demonstrating that there is a security system of some sort in place.  Also, by keeping valuables out of sight. You can get more ideas in our home security checklist.


If you are unsuccessful in deterring the criminal and they decide to target your home, you want to make it as difficult and time consuming as possible to gain entry.  This certainly includes closing and locking all doors and windows, but also track locks, dead-blots and other additional reinforcements on vulnerable entry points.  Our security experts can help you identify some of these points and give ideas for reinforcing.


OK, so we weren’t able to deter the criminal and they were able to gain access to your premises.  Now it is time to detect the intrusion as quickly as possible and report it to you and the authorities immediately.  This serves two purposes.  First it gets the authorities on the seen as soon as possible to try to apprehend the criminal, but just as important, it allows them to secure your property before you return home so that you minimize your chances of coming home to surprise an intruder.

Commercial Security Cameras Kansas City

There are three main types of Kansas city security camera systems and their individual characteristics make each ideal for certain customers. A Kansas City Security Camera Installation Company must design and install the right system to meet your commercial video surveillance Kansas city needs.

Kansas City Video Surveillance Cameras

These systems are the newest and their prices have dropped dramatically.  The systems are composed of a network video recorder that records the video onto a hard-drive and advanced cameras that are capable of capturing anywhere from 3 to 30 times the detail of traditional security camera systems.  These high definition cameras are ideal to recognizing faces and license plates as well as for and monitoring cash registers, or large spaces in warehouses, department stores, parking lots, and factories. These systems have the ability for live and recorded video to be viewed from any networked computer in the facility as well as remotely over the internet or via smart-phone.

Traditional Digital Video Recorders

Digital video recorders are the most widely used means of video surveillance.  They convert the video from analog security cameras into a digital format before recording it onto its hard drives.  Analog cameras offer the widest range of camera types and at very competitive prices, making these popular choices for home owners and small businesses.  These security camera systems also have the ability to be viewed remotely from either a computer or smart phone, making them a great way to get peace of mind, even when you can’t be there.

Mega-Pixel Security Cameras

IP cameras are stand-alone cameras that utilize the internet for storing video.  The video can either be stored on a local PC or in the cloud.  Cloud based storage gives the user the ability to retrieve recorded video from anywhere as well as watching live video from there computer or smart-phone.  The primary customers for these systems are those that only need one or two cameras and don’t want the complexity or expense of a larger video surveillance system.

Solar Construction Site Camera

Shield also offers a new product that makes monitoring remote job sites easy to do.  This Solar Construction Camera can send live video over the wireless network as well as using it’s built-in GPS antenna to broadcast it’s location to the web viewing application.  Additionally you can easily make time-lapse videos of the entire project. A high capacity rechargeable battery powers the system during low light conditions.

About Shield Security Systems

♦  Accredited by Better Business Bureau of Kansas City. We are locally owned and operated. Unlike overburdened “one man shows” or larger, impersonal firms where you’ll just be a number, SHIELD Security Systems is dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to all our clients for years to come.

♦  We don’t require expensive long term contracts.  We earn your business month after month, with exceptional service and value

♦  Treat our clients with the utmost respect. We listen carefully to our clients to tailor a system to address their individual concerns. Our goal is for our clients to be thrilled with their investment. Other companies use high pressure tactics to quickly close and try to install the system before you change your mind

♦  Security designed around you: With over three decades of electronic security system design and implemen­tation experience, you are guaranteed a customized solution that fits your needs – not some “one size fits all” system.

♦  We don’t sell off our accounts.  Many “security” companies are just dealers, that quickly turn around and sell your monitoring contract to a big impersonal conglomerate.  SHIELD is a full service Security Company offering a full range of security solutions for homes and businesses.

♦  On guard, all the time: Our Central Station operators are on duty 24 hours a day, every day, providing you with professional, reliable monitoring of your security systems. Our state of the art central sta­tions are home to the most advanced operational software available today.

♦  Advanced Security and Safety: Home Security Systems, Apartment Security Systems,  Alarm monitoring, Security Cameras, Personal Emergency Monitoring, Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Temperature and Flood monitoring

♦  Leading Edge Commercial Security: Business Alarm SystemsSecurity Cameras, Mega-Pixel IP Security Cameras, Access Control systems,

♦  Tried and Tested: Our proven methodology of designing, installing, servicing and monitoring qual­ity, custom security systems has evolved with our extensive experience. SHIELD security systems have detected hundreds of burglaries, robberies, fires and hazardous environmental conditions for our clients, since being founded in 1976.

♦  Proudly serving the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area: From our Overland Park Security Systems office and showroom

* Free conversion offer applies to home owners with a compatible security system in good working condition

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