Smoke Detectors

Keeping Your Home Safe from Fire

Smoke and Heat Detectors

The majority of fire fatalities result from smoke inhalation.  Properly Installed and Monitored Smoke Detectors are your family’s first line of defense.  They provide the earliest detection of a fire and can save lives. Your SHIELD Security Systems fire alarm solution can be equipped with Monitored Smoke Detectors and Heat Detectors that will send a signal to our operators who will summon immediate help.  

A monitored smoke detector is different from the smoke alarms that you buy at the hardware store or that the builder puts in the house when it is built.  They are not a substitute, but a very valuable addition. Your original smokes are great for alerting you and getting you out of the house as quickly as possible, which is the most important thing, but a monitored smoke detector allows us to monitor the house for you when you are not there.

A Heat Detector is similar, but is useful in areas where smoke and dust might cause false alarms.  They are most often used in garages, kitchens, and attics. They can either be fixed to go off at a certain temperature, like 130 or 190 degrees or to trigger when the temperature has risen more than 15 degrees in a minute.

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