In Home Activity Tracking

Did you ever wish you could check on a loved one even while you were away? Well, you guessed it, numerous solutions exist to make it easy and convenient. We use three main services to allow you to remotely monitor your home or loved ones.

  1. Honeywell Total Connect and both give you access to IP cameras and your security system from the internet or your smart phone.  With it, you can view live or recorded video, receive email alerts when a door is opened, or even a video clip of your child returning home from school.  In addition, youcan also turn lights on and off, control thermostats and even close the garage door if you forgot.
  2. Our in home monitoring solution sends email updates as a senior moves from room to room so that the caregiver or family member can assess whether they are going through their normal routine or not.  If an anomoly is detected, someone can check in on the person to see if everything is OK.  Solutions exist to extend this monitoring to medicine cabinets, pressure mats or about any other detection one might need.
  3. Security cameras are the traditional way of remotely monitoring a property.  The prices have come down drastically and the feature list continues to grow.  Many Security DVRs now have free smartphone apps that allow you to check on your home or vacation home, from where ever you might be.

Please contact one of our experts for a free consultation and to determine the solution that best meets your specific needs and helps you get the peace of mind you deserve. We’ll help integrate your activity tracking solutions to your home security system. Get started on improving your home’s security today – call (913) 766-2248.


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