Medical Alerts and Panic Buttons

Call for Help at the Push of a Button

Medical Alerts and Panic Buttons

With our security systems, there are two ways for our Kansas City customers to summon medical help.  Our newest security system keypads and touch screens all support medical, police and fire panic buttons.  Pressing and holding one of these panic buttons will sound a local alarm and call our central monitoring station where an operator will contact the appropriate personnel.

Systems can also be equipped with remote panic buttons that come in many different form factors:

  • Pendants have a single button that when pressed sends the appropriate signal, usually medical help needed.  Our central station will call to verify the particular need and will dispatch accordingly.  If there is no answer, they will also dispatch.
Medical Pendants
  • Keyfobs are multi function wireless devices that not only can arm and disarm your security system, but they also usually have a panic button that can be programmed for silent or audible police panic, medical or fire.
Keyfob remote
  • Hold-up buttons are usually used in commercial installations near cash registers, under desks and in coolers.
Hold Up button

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