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Protecting your Business, Customers and Employees.

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As you are aware, protecting your businesses, customers and employees just got more complex.  The need for social distancing and safety has made access control systems more important than ever.  

  • Expert installation of a Variety of Access Control Systems
  • Entrance Gateway System can Simultaneously
    • Facial Recognition
    • Temperture Scan
    • Mask Check
    •  and then unlock gate or door when cleared
  • Large Scale Scanner can monitor groups of people, utilizing Artificial intelligence to assign temperature reading to each individual
  • Remote Administration from Smart-Phone, Tablet or PC
  • Video Intercoms with integrated door buzzers
Thermal Scanner

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Touchless Access Control Input Devices

Facial Recognition
Card Reader
  • Card Readers – Card Readers are devices that emit a radio wave that interacts with a card or token in order to read its particular number.  The value read is then compared to a database of allowed cards to see if that card is authorized for that door at that time.  There are also optical readers that read QR codes or Bar Codes.
  • Keypads - Keypads also don't require a physical card, but codes could be given to others.
  • Smart Phones - The newest option is for smartphones to be used as the access cards.
  • Facial Recognition - Can be used stand-alone or with card access.
Thermal Scanner, Body Temperature Scanner

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Card Access Controllers

  • Honeywell NetAXS – The Card Access Controller is the most critical part of the card access system, because it has the user interface that is used for adding and deleting users as well as running reports.  It is imperative that it is easy and intuitive to use so that it can be easily administered with minimal training.  The NetAXS is a web-based interface that allows any PC on the network to access it using their web-browser along with the user name and password.  the system will contain rules for which users have access to which doors and when.  
  • – For a truly integrated solution, this cloud based access controller allows you to lock and un-lock doors remotely, manage users from anywhere, and integrate alarm system, security cameras, access control and energy management into a single platform with a single app.
  • Honeywell MaxPro Cloud – MaxPro Cloud is the next generation in Access Control.  It allows all of the capabilities of NetAXS on a smartphone.  The app can be used to add and remove users from anywhere as well as unlocking doors.
  • Paxton Net2 – Paxton offers a powerful PC based access control solution, but its real differentiation is its PaxLock which is a wireless door lock for difficult to wire entry points

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