Card Readers and Access Control Systems

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Access Control Systems Kansas City

Access Control Systems are a great way to protect important assets of your Kansas City Area Business.  When Kansas City area businesses search for Access Control Systems, Shield is an excellent place to start.  

Access control systems do exactly what their name suggests, they control who may access a certain area and when.  Access control system consist of two main components: An input device such as a card reader or keypad, and an electronic locking device for the door or gate.

  • Expert installation of a Variety of Access Control Systems
  • Remote Administration from Smart-Phone, Tablet or PC
  • Video Intercoms with integrated door buzzers
  • Electronic Locks for Doors, Gates, Swimming Pools and Cabinets
  • Card Readers, Mobile Readers, Keypads, and Finger Print Readers
  • Protect your Business, Employees and Customers
  • A+ Rated by Better Business Bureau of Kansas City

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Card Readers and Other Input Devices

HID Card Reader
Finger Print Reader
  • Card Readers – Card Readers are devices that emit a radio wave that interacts with a card or token in order to read its particular number.  The value read is then compared to a database of allowed cards to see if that card is authorized for that door at that time.  
  • Finger Print Scanner - Finger Print scanners have the advantage of not requiring cards, which can be lost or used by others
  • Keypads - Keypads also don't require a physical card, but codes could be given to others.
  • Smart Phones - The newest option is for smartphones to be used as the access cards.
Card Reader
Keypad Entry

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Electronic Locks

  • Magnetic Locks – A magnetic lock or Mag Lock is comprised of a large electro magnet that is attached to the door frame and a steel plate that is attached to the door.  The locking action is accomplished by applying electricity to the magnet.  This magnet will provide a locking force of 600 to 1,200 pounds.  There are two important characteristics of mag locks that need to be considered. First, in the event of an emergency mechanisms need to be provided to insure that power to the lock can be cut off so that people may exit.  this is usually accomplished with a push to exit button, or and energized push bar.  A request to exit motion detector is normally installed to sense when someone is about to leave the building and releases the lock automatically.  
magnetic Lock
Magnetic Lock
  • Electric Door Strikes – An Electric Strike uses the existing door hardware and just replaces the strike in the door frame with one that can be caused to release electgrically.  This eliminates the issues associated with getting out of the protected area, because you can still turn the handle or push the push bar to exit the property.  Also, if the card reader were to malfunction, you could still use a key to unlock the door.  This makes the electric strike the lock of choice in most applications.
Cabinet Lock
Electric Strike
Schlage Doorlock
Schlage Lock
  • Apartment Building Locks  - Apartment buildings require special locks.  For apartments, the deadbolt locks are often used to reduce the chances of locking ones self out accidentally. Our deadbolts can be operated with a smart-card, fob, or even a smart-phone.  No wiring is required so these attractive locks can be easily retrofitted into existing buildings.
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