Retail Security

Retail Security

Retail Security Systems –

Businesses have a number of potential threats that can be mitigated, by a well designed Security System.  Many Loss prevention executives would never consider opening a store without a video surveillance system.  The first step though,  is a Security Inspection to determine how the business operates and what the threats are.  Common Retail threats include the following:

  • Shop Lifting – There are several well-know practices that help minimize shop lifting, but the presence of a Video Surveillance System can act as a powerful deterrent as well as an aid in prosecuting offenders.
  • Shrinkage – Theft doesn’t only occur from shop lifting, but can also be attributed to employees.  It could be as innocent as inaccurate cash register transactions or as blatant as stealing or embezzlement.  Video Surveillance systems linked to the Point of Sale Systems can superimpose transaction data on the video to check accuracy of transactions.
  • Robbery & Burglary – Security Cameras can often provide valuable clues in robbery cases and can also act as a deterrent.  An Alarm System can notify authorities of attempted break-ins outside normal store hours.
  • Evidence –  Video Surveillance can often help investigators get to the truth when customers claim that they were injured at the store or that their vehicle was damaged.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras are an important part of a retail security system and they play several roles.  They are important in monitoring the safety of employees and can help understand to origin of accidents and measure adherence to safety policies.  Security Cameras are often placed where merchandise and money are exchanged.  The presence of these cameras can help identify sources of loss and increase the amount of care taken by employees.  The presence of cameras can also discourage shop-lifting and other forms of theft.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems consist of mainly card readers, keypads, or biometric devices for determining whether or not an individual should be granted access to a particular area of the business.  Systems are usually used to control access to expensive inventory or employee only areas of the store.

Intrusion Detection Systems

For stores that don’t have 24 hour operations or security guards, it is often useful to have an intrusion alarm system.  This will alert personnel and the authorities in the event of an unauthorized intrusion.  These systems usually consist of traditional detection equipment such as motion detectors, door contacts, and glass break detectors.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Detection systems are also an important component of the store’s security system.  Rapid detection of fires as well as rapid notification of store personnel is vital, as is an evacuation plan that is well documented and taught.  Sometimes these systems are owned by the store and in other cases, the building owner operates a system on the behalf of all building tenants.


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