Flood Detectors and Freeze Sensors

Keeping Your Home Water and Freezing

Flood and Freeze Detectors

One of our goals is to provide peace of mind by electronic monitoring your home while you are away.  There are a multitude of sensors that can be part of your environmental monitoring system.  A flood sensor is basically a sensor that consists of a few metal sensors that come in contact with the floor.  If water touches two of these sensors simultaneously, a signal will be sent to your security system.  Our central station can then contact you to make you aware of the situation.

Flood sensors can be placed near floor drains, sump pumps, washing machines, under sinks, or behind toilets.  With the sensors in place, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing that if anything went wrong, we'd tell you.

Freeze Sensors will send an alert when the temperature falls below a certain threshold.  These sensors are often placed under sinks or in crawl spaces.

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