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Your privacy and intellectual property is increasing under attack from numerous threats.  We have found that usually it is corporations, executives and high-profile individuals that can find themselves targets, but under certain circumstances, anyone could be vulnerable. In some cases, services such as bug sweeps and hidden camera sweeps can help.

If you feel that you might be the target of electronic eaves-dropping or hidden cameras there are several things that you will want to do:

  • Remain calm so as not to tip off the eavesdropper
  • Try to avoid having sensitive conversations inside your car, home or office and try to avoid using a computer in the suspect area
  • Use white noise generators to mask conversations 
  • There are several types of services under the umbrella of TSCM
  • Bug Sweeps - Use RF Spectrum Analyzers to locate and remove any hidden RF devices that are transmitting audio or video.
  • Hidden Camera Detection - Using infrared detectors and lens detectors to find cameras that are both operating and idle
  • Hidden Electronic Detection - Using a device such as a non-linear junction detector to find both active and powered down electronics that may be hidden
  • Wiring Threat Detection - Scan for compromised phone, power, or ethernet wiring

We can perform bug sweeps  for: corporate boardrooms, off-site meeting rooms, and private homes. Prices start at around $0.75 per sq ft for residential and $1.00 per sq ft for businesses, but prices will very based on the complexity of the job.

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