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It is important to understand how Alarm Monitoring & Security System Monitoring spring into action when your alarm goes off.

When you arm your Home Security System or House Alarm system to “Away mode”, you will be given a predetermined amount of time to exit the house. The keypad will start counting down so that you are aware of the time. After you leave the home the system will be fully armed.

Typically, in “Away” mode, all of the intrusion detection equipment will be activated, including Motion Detectors. Your main entry doors will be identified in the system setup, so that if you return through one of these doors, the security system will give you a fixed amount of time to enter your code to disarm the system.

If a motion detector, glass break, or one of the non-designated entry doors is opened in an armed system, the system will immediately go into alarm. At that point, it dials the Central Security Alarm Monitoring Station where a trained operator will be assigned to the alarm.

Their first action is to call the alarm verification numbers supplied by the client, in order to determine if the alarm is authentic or not. If the contacts are not reached or they aren’t at the property, police are dispatched. We then call any of the emergency contacts that were provided to let them know that the authorities were dispatched.

If it had instead been a false alarm, when the central station called the premise phone, the person answering would be asked for their account password and upon providing the correct password, the alarm would be cancelled.

There are also safeguards built in to the alarm handling protocol to account for duress or hostage situations. These methods are customized to the particular installation.

In the past, Land-Line phones were required for alarm communication, but today long range cellular radio and internet are playing an ever increasing role as backups and often as replacements. The service has advanced even further with email alerts and the ability to monitor the security system and even control it over the internet and many smart-phones.

Honeywell’s Total Connect service, as well as are examples of advanced services that even allow for the remote control of lights, thermostats and electronic door locks

Alarm Monitoring Kansas City

You will also want to note that each city/police department has its own alarm policies.  We do have a page of Alarm permit information that we attempt to keep as up to date as possible.

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