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In Overland Park, Video Surveillance Installation Companies are seeing a surge in demand for Commercial Security Camera Systems.  ShieldMissouri Pawn Shop Security Cameras offers advanced commercial security camera installation as well as residential video surveillance.

Security Camera Installation Overland Park

In Overland Park, video surveillance  installation requires an experienced security camera company that can design a custom video surveillance system that meets your business and security needs.  Each Overland Park Video Surveillance System should be custom designed with attention to the environmental conditions present at each of the security camera mounting locations. The conditions include moisture, temperature, moisture, vandalism risk, and of course, lighting. Shield is the choice of many businesses and homes for a number of reasons.

  • Expert Design & Installation of  Mega-Pixel Camera Systems
  • A+ Rating Better Business Bureau of Kansas City
  • Network, Internet and Smart-Phone viewing
  • Shield just earned the 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award!

Video Surveillance Overland Park

Overland Park security camera systems provide protection in several ways.  There many types of security camera systems and our security camera experts will help design a commercial video surveillance system is right for you.  It should be pointed out that Overland Park Security Cameras, Overland Park Video Surveillance, and Overland Park CCTV all are referring to the same thing.  What is important are the characteristics of that system.  The most important attributes are:

  •  The resolution at which images are viewed and recorded.  Traditional business security cameras record 480 lines of resolution regardless of the higher TVL numbers like 700 that a camera will advertise.  New HD-SDI and HD-TVI commercial security cameras now can provide up to 2 mega-pixels or 6 times the resolution and still use the same coax security camera cables that tradition Overland Park video surveillance systems use. Finally, IP security camera installation allows for ultra high resolutions exceeding 5 mega-pixels in some cases. Our Olathe Security Camera experts will help you select the system that is right for you.

Overland Park Commercial Security Camera Benefits

  • Deterrent – Video Surveillance serves as an effective deterrent.
  • Peace of Mind – Perhaps the most important benefit of a video surveillance system is the ability of even just one or two security cameras, to let you know that everything is OK at your Overland Park Area home or business, even when you are away.
  • Apprehension – The video captured by high quality security cameras can help identify a criminal.
  • Cash Registers – Security cameras should be placed above cash registers to monitor the accuracy of check out processes.
  • 24/7 Professional Video Monitoring – A motion activated security camera can trigger our central station whenever motion is detected outside normal working hours.  Our central station staff can view the video to determine whether or not a threat exists and contact the appropriate people or authorities.
  • Video Alarm Verification – A Overland Park Kansas area alarm can be verified by the central station, before alerting the authorities to make sure the alarm is authentic and to help the authorities go to the right area of the property to find the intruder.
  • Protect your Business – A security camera can also protect a business against fraudulent or inaccurate claims made by customers or employees.  Video surveillance systems can record alleged incidents to determine what really happened.
  • Safety – Security cameras can also protect Overland Park industrial customers by making sure that safety rules are being followed.
  • Quality Control – Products and machines can be remotely viewed by security cameras to make sure that products are being produced and packaged correctly.
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