Kansas City Pawn Shop Security Cameras

Pawn Shop Security Cameras and Alarm Systems

Attention:  New laws make the security cameras mandatory in many Kansas City area Pawn shops.  While all Retail Businesses have a number of potential threats, it seems that Pawn Shops have are targeted even more often.  Traditional retail stores deal with threats such as:

  • Shrinkage due to shoplifting and some employee theft
  • Burglary after hours
  • Robbery while the store is open
  • Counterfeiting

A Kansas City Pawn Shop deals with the above as well as the following:

  • Attempt to sell stolen merchandise
  • Fire arms are often a target of thieves
  • Cash and Jewelry are targets of thieves

Whether you own an Overland Park Pawn Shop or a Pawn Shop in Liberty Missouri, these threats are very real.  While you can’t eliminate the threats all together, you can take steps to protect your business, your employees, and your customers.

Pawn Shop Security Camera Special Offer: $945

Missouri Pawn Shop Security Cameras

Package includes:

  • 4 channel High Definition 1080p DVR with 1 TB Hard drive
  • Supports remote viewing via computer network and smart phones
  • 2 Mega-Pixel Color Dome Cameras with IR night vision
  • 3 times the clarity
  • Upgrade to 2MP for only $100
  • 20″ LCD monitor
  • Professional Installation including cables, power supplies, and training
  • Call for details and mention “Pawn Shop Camera Special”

Pawn Shop Video Surveillance

Security Cameras are an important part of a Pawn Shop security system and they play several roles.  Pawn Shop Security Cameras are also important in monitoring the safety of employees and can help understand to origin of accidents and measure adherence to safety policies.  Security Cameras are often placed where merchandise and money are exchanged.  The presence of these cameras can help identify sources of loss and increase the amount of care taken by employees.  Pawn Shop Video Surveillance can also discourage shop-lifting and other forms of theft.

New Pawn Shop Security Camera Laws

Recently, laws have been passed that require a security camera monitoring and recording all transactions. Below is an example of such a law:

  1. All pawnbrokers shall install a proper camera in operative condition and use such equipment to photograph every person and receipts of pawn shop tickets given to such persons with all loans to persons and with all purchases of items from persons.
  2. All pawnbrokers shall display, in a prominent place, a notice to customers that they are required to be photographed when they pawn, sell or offer as a part or full payment any item to the pawnbroker or secondhand dealer.
  3. All such photographs shall be developed and kept by the pawnbroker for a period of at least one year following the taking of the photograph.
  4. The register and photographs provided for herein shall at all times be kept open to the inspection of police officers duly sworn by the State of Missouri under Chapter 590 RSMo. Every pawnbroker shall also, upon request, show and exhibit to any such officer, any article purchased, taken or received by the pawnbroker if the item is still in the possession of the pawnbroker.
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