Activating Existing Security Systems – What to Look Out for

As we continue to conduct numerous security inspections, we’ve noticed a disturbing practice, that we initially thought was an isolated event. The practice is to take a good comprehensive multi-zone hardwired system and turn it into a quick cheap system.  In this posting, I’ll discuss what to look out for and why.

Security Principle:  In general, the more zones in your security system, the better.  Multiple zones give responders more specific information as to the location of the intrusion.  More zones also gives you the ability to tailor the behavior of your security systems in different situations.  It is expected that all of the doors would be on different zones.  That way the central station could inform police as to which door of the house had gone into alarm.  Cleary information on where motion or glass breakage occured would be just as vital.

Dangerous Shortcut:  A number of companies, touting the benefits of an all wireless security systems, are actually doing it because of the time and money they save on installations.  These companies, in some cases, have gone into a home with eight hardwired zones of security and disconnected all the wires.  They then tie them together into two or three groups and attach each group to a wireless transmitter as a single zone.  This turned a high quality hardwired system into a two or three zone system that leaves the police guessing as to the part of the house where a break-in occurred.

The Solution:  Fortunately, in most cases, the situation can be reversed by putting a new panel where the original system was and reusing all of those valuable hardwired zones.  A wireless receiver is then added to the system so that additional detection equipment can easily be added to the home or business.  Such equipment includes wireless smoke detectors, wireless remotes, wireless carbon monoxide detectors, flood detectors, and more.

Final Note:  If a security sales person seems anxious for you to make a decision, its usually because they don’t want to give you time to make an informed decision.  You should always make a security investment on your terms and only when you are comfortable that you know the facts and are happy with your decision.

Tony Thurman

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