Monitor Existing Security Systems

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Monitor Existing Security Systems

As you are aware, from time to time it might be desirable to switch monitoring companies.  With this process is fairly straightforward, and sometimes doesn't even require a technician to visit.  We would be honored to help protect you as well. Our experts  Service and Monitor Existing Security Systems.

  • Expert installation and service of a wide variety of alarm systems, security cameras and access control
  • Expert Installation and Service for a wide variety of the following: 
    • Security Systems
    • Security Cameras
    • Home Automation
    • Access Control

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Existing Security Systems

Many alarm companies force you to discard your current system and start from scratch.  This is often because their technicians lack the knowledge and expertise to understand these systems.  This is not the case with Shield.  We  often utilize most, if not all of your existing system, allowing you to preserve and leverage your investment.  

There are a few manufacturers with proprietary systems that force you to only monitor with them, but you should resist buying from those companies.  As the buyer, you should be the one with the leverage, not your alarm company. To Monitor existing security systems isn't the easiest, but is often the best with advantages such as using existing hardwired sensors.

There are many several manufacturers of security systems that can often be reused.  Some of the manufacturers include, Honeywell, Qolsys, 2GIG, Resideo, Interlogix, DSC, GE, and NetWorx.  It should be noted that GE and Interlogix are no longer in the security business, therefore panels such as the Simon 3, Simon XT/XTI/XTI5, Ultrasync, Concord 4, and Networx are no longer supported, although we can still service and monitor most of those as well.

"Very Impressed"

"you did absolutely everything you said you were going to do for the price quoted, explained things very thoroughly, technician was on time and very professional . . ."

- Rick (Home Owner)

"I'm so glad I went with you"

"I'm really liking it. It's so easy to use, even the app. I forgot to set it once and got a reminder text and was able to set it from my cell phone at my appointment. Also like the feature of knowing that my pet sitter has come and gone."

- Rick (Home Owner)
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