Card Readers and Access Control

Access Control Systems Kansas City

Access control systems, often referred to as Card Readers, are a great way to protect important assets of your Kansas City area business.  When Area businesses search for Access Control Systems near Kansas City, Shield is an excellent place to start.  Kansas City Access control systems do what there name Access Control Systemsuggests, they control who may access a certain area and when.  An Access Control System consists of two main components: An input device such as a card reader, and an electronic locking device for the door or gate.

Electronic Locks

There are two main types of electronic locks: Electric door strikes and Magnetic locks.

Mag Locks

Magnetic LockA magnetic lock will have a large elctro-magnet attached to the frame of the door.  On the door will be mounted a steel plate that will be attracted to the magnetic. This magnet is normally energized and holds the door in place with a force of 600 to 1,200 pounds.  One important characteristic of the maglock is that although the card reader is on the outside of the protected area, the maglock need to provide mechanisms for people inside the protected area to get out.  The egress is usually accomplished by a number of devices.  A request to exit PIR or motion detector is normally placed above the door so that as you approach the lock can release and let you out.  In the event that the motion detector does not work, a request to exit button is also placed near the door to allow exit in the case of an emergency.  Finally, there is often an output from the fire alram that will also cut-off power to the maglock.

Electric Door StrikeDoor Strikle

An Electric Strike uses the existing door locking hardware and just replaces the strike in the door frame with one that can be released electrically.  This eliminates the issues associated with getting out of the protected area, because you can still just turn the door handle to get out or unlock the door with a key.  This makes the strike the lock of choice in many situations, but not in all.  sometimes there is nowhere to mount a new strike, particularly on glass double doors.

Input Devices

Input devices for Access Control Systems consist of Card Readers, Keypads, and Biometric Readers.

Card Reader System or Card ReadersCard Readers

A card reader uses an electrical field to read the code store an special proximity cards.  The read code is then compared against the reader’s list of valid card and it in turns makes the appropriate unlocking decision.



A keypad is a simpler device in which the user presses a sequence of buttons.  This sequence is compared to the set of approved sequences and the lock is controlled accordingly.

Biometric Readers

Biometric Readers are the newest type of input device.  The most common ones on the market utilize finger print recognition, but facial recognition is also gaining popularity.

Access Control LogicAccess Control System

The access control system is very versatile.  It knows when holidays are and can prevent access on those days unless overidden by a manager.  The systems can be programmed to leave the lobby door open during normal business hours, but to require aq card after-hours.  The system can allow access to different areas for different employees at different times of the day as well.  For example, the cleaning crew at a doctors office, can’t get access to the medicine room.

Kansas City Access Control Systems

Shield has installed access control systems installed in the following types of Kansas City area businesses:

  • Retail Stores
  • Government Offices
  • Surgical Center
  • Trucking Company
  • Swimming Pools
  • Even Residences and Vacation homes
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