Security for Medical Marijuana

Security for Missouri Clinics and Dispensaries

​Business Security

With the passage of Amendment 2 in Missouri, it will be legal to sell Marijuana for Medical purposes.  There are requirements as with any medical institutions certain security requirements and recommendations.  We offer a suite of security solutions designed to protect these businesses and their patients. Should you desire any additional information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 913-270-0960 and read our recommendations below.

  • ​Marijuana Business owners should protect their employees, customers, and property
  • ​A​n Access Control System helps prevent unauthorized access to the building or sensitive areas inside both during working hours and at night.
  • Alarm Systems will notify stake holders of an​ unauthorized intrusion
  • Security Cameras have many functions.  They monitor operations to discourage ​theft and to insure compliance with ​company guidelines. They also help protect the business from fraudulent claims by providing evidence.
  • A+ Rated by Better Business Bureau of Kansas City

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​Access Control

Card Access and Access Control

Can Include:

  • ​Card Readers
  • ​Keypads
  • ​Fingerprint Scanners
  • ​Video Intercoms
  • ​Door Buzzers
  • ​Electronic Locks
  • Access Logs on Web
  • Remote Door Unlocking

​Video Surveillance

Can Include:

  • Powerful Hi-Def Recorder
  • 24/7 Recording
  • Smart-Phone Viewing
  • Mega-Pixel, up to 12MP
  • Night Vision Recording
  • Up to 128 Cameras
  • Wireless Campus Solutions
  • Dozens of Camera Choices
  • Storage up to 192TB
  • Central Station Monitoring

​Intrusion Detection

Security System

​Can Include:

  • Central Control Panel
  • ​Door & Window Sensors
  • ​Motion & Glass Breaks
  • ​Keypads at Entrances
  • ​User Logs and Alerts
  • ​Multi-Location Support
  • ​Sirens and Strobes
  • 24/7 CSAA Monitoring
  • Remote Arm & Disarm

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High Level Security Strategy – Access control is the first phase of security for the business.  Access to product should be limited and tracked.  All product should be kept in a locked area with a log and audit trail for anyone accessing it.  Ideally a unique card or pin code is used by each employee so that an audit trail can be retrieved.  This trail should also be verified with security cameras that should cover most areas of the business, with the exception of rooms with an expectation of privacy.  The ability to lock down the business in case of a threat is also a recommendation to protect your employees and clients.

An alarm system is an important second phase.  This system will obvious go into alarm when an unauthorized intrusion occurs, but should also alert managers if an employee accesses the premises outside normal working hours.  A text message can be sent to stake holders as well as notifying the authorities if instructed to do so.

Every business will be a little different and we will work closely with you to tailor a solution that works for you. Just give Tony a call at 913-270-0960.

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