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In Kansas City Video Surveillance Installation Companies are seeing a surge in demand for Commercial Security Camera Systems.  Shield offers advanced commercial security camera installation as well as residential video surveillance.

Security Camera Installation Kansas City

In Kansas City security camera installation requires an experienced video surveillance company that can design a video surveillance system that meets your business and security needs.  Your Kansas City Security Camera installation needs to be able to capture high quality images in a variety of lighting and environmental conditions.  The security camera systems should be installed in an effective and attractive manner.

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Video Surveillance Kansas City

Kansas City security camera systems provide protection in several ways.  There are a great deal of different types of security camera systems and our security camera experts will help design a commercial video surveillance system is right for you.  It should be pointed out that Kansas City Security Cameras, Kansas City Video Surveillance, and Kansas City CCTV all are referring to the same thing.  What is important are the characteristics of that system.  The most important attributes are:

  •  The resolution at which images are viewed and recorded.  Traditional business security cameras record 480 lines of resolution regardless of the higher TVL numbers like 700 that a camera will advertise.  New HD-SDI and HD-TVI commercial security cameras now can provide up to 2 mega-pixels or 6 times the resolution and still use the same coax security camera cables that tradition Kansas city video surveillance systems use. Finally, IP security camera installation allows for ultra high resolutions exceeding 5 mega-pixels in some cases. Our Kansas City Security Camera experts will help you select the system that is right for you.

Kansas City Commercial Security Camera Benefits

  • Deterrent – Video Surveillance serves as an effective deterrent.  A thief will certainly think twice before targeting a home or business in the Kansas city area, where they know that a security camera is capturing evidence that can be used to identify them.  It is therefore good to have signs posted that warn everyone that security cameras are in use.
  • Peace of Mind – Perhaps the most important benefit of a video surveillance system is the ability of even just one or two security cameras, to let you know that everything is OK at your Kansas City Area home or business, even when you are away. You can use remote video surveillance to check on your pets, to see if your children arrived home from school or to see if an important package arrived.
  • Apprehension – The video captured by high quality security cameras can help identify a criminal.  In order to use the video as evidence in the Kansas City area, it is advised that signs be posted that inform visitors of the presence of security cameras and of 24/7 video recording.
  • Cash Registers – Security cameras should be placed above cash registers to monitor the accuracy of check out processes.  The transactions from the Point of Sale (POS) systems can be overlaid onto the video surveillance footage to make sure that the checker is ringing up items properly.
  • 24/7 Professional Video Monitoring – Security Cameras can also play an important role in monitoring businesses when they are closed.  A motion activated security camera can trigger our central station whenever motion is detected outside normal working hours.  Our central station staff can view the video to determine whether or not a threat exists and contact the appropriate people or authorities.
  • Video Alarm Verification – A Kansas City area alarm can be verified by the central station, before alerting the authorities to make sure the alarm is authentic and to help the authorities go to the right area of the property to find the intruder.  This is done by pulling up live video from the security cameras when an alarm is received.
  • Protect your Business – A security camera can also protect a business against fraudulent or inaccurate claims made by customers or employees.  Video surveillance systems can record alleged incidents to determine what really happened.  In order to do so, the cameras need to be positioned in the right locations and with good lighting so as to make sure that high quality video recordings are obtained.
  • Safety – Security cameras can also protect Kansas and Missouri industrial customers by making sure that safety rules are being followed.  Examples are whether or not fork lift rules are being followed, hard hats being worn, and access to certain areas only by authorized personnel.
  • Quality Control – Products and machines can be remotely viewed by security cameras to make sure that products are being produced and packaged correctly.

Kansas City Security Camera Systems

  • DVR based systems – have a Digital Video Recorder as the hub for all of the security cameras to attach to.  It stores the video for each security camera based on user preferences including schedule, motion detection, or security system events, like door openings.  It uses a hard drive, just like a computer and its size is measured in Giga Bytes or Tera Bytes. The video is stored on the DVR and can be accessed over the internet, or with a smart-phone.  These systems can scale efficiently from two cameras up to hundreds.
  • Kansas City Construction Site Cameras allow you to monitor progress at a remote construction site by sending live video to you as well as creating time lapse movies of the project.  These Construction Site Cameras are easy to install and requires no wires, as it has it’s own solar panel, rechargeable battery and cellular data / wi-fi communicators.  Simply mount it on a pole and configure the web interface. It even has built in GPS so you can track the locations of multiple cameras and job sites.
  • Hosted Video Surveillance is an exciting new product that eliminates the need to purchase a digital video recorder to connect your security cameras to.  The system records video clips based on your motion detection and schedule preferences.  The clips are securely stored on the internet and you can access them at any time using the internet or a smart phone.  You can even receive notifications of activity with video clips attached.
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  • 24/7  Professional Security Camera Monitoring – New state of the art video analytics actually are able to recognize people and vehicles and to alert our central monitoring station of unusual activity.  Our central station can then take the appropriate steps to validate the threat and initiate the appropriate response.   Video verification can also be used to eliminate false alarms from traditional security systems.
  • Solar Construction Site Camera – Shield also offers a new product that makes monitoring remote job sites easy to do.  This Solar Construction Camera can send live video over the wireless network as well as using it’s built-in GPS antenna to broadcast it’s location to the web viewing application.  Additionally you can easily make time-lapse videos of the entire project. A high capacity rechargeable battery powers the system during low light conditions

Security Camera Considerations

  • Quality – Most of us have seen the grainy, blurry security camera footage from a convenience store holdup somewhere in the Kansas City area.  These low quality images can occur for a number of reasons, including security camera resolution, lighting conditions and the recorder quality.  There are four different  security camera recording standards, each with its own capabilities.
    • Traditional  analog security cameras, although touting resolutions of up to 700TVL, can be recorded at a maximum resolution (D1) of 480 TVL.
    • A new  standard called 960h is capable of using new analog security cameras and recording at a resolution of 700 TVL.  This system can also record older analog cameras at the regular 480 TVL rate.
    • HD-SDI is another standard that uses special security cameras to support recording at the true high definition level 1080p for images of up to 2MP. These       cameras can still use the coax cable infrastructure left behind by traditional analog video surveillance systems.
    • Mega-pixel IP security cameras are the next generation in video surveillance.  Some of these security cameras have  resolutions exceeding 10 mega pixels and some have advanced analytics for recognizing people and vehicles.  These IP surveillance cameras can even operate over existing computer networks, although, due to the high bandwidth required, we often put in a separate IP video network for them.
  • Lighting – Surveillance cameras need to be selected with the lighting conditions in mind.
    • If your security cameras need to produce video in complete darkness, then infra-red (IR) cameras are a good choice.  IR  cameras usually have a ring of IR LEDs around the lens to illuminate the subject with nearly invisible light.  These security cameras will specify a distance that the LEDs can illuminate to produce an acceptable picture.  The video surveillance recordings from an IR security camera are black and white at night and color during the day.
    • If you have low levels of lighting at night or need to see subjects over 75 feet away, a light amplification security camera is a good choice.  These security cameras use advanced processing to maximize the available light to produce a color image, even in very dark conditions. These are often used in large warehouses, outdoor storage facilities, and parking lots.
    • Security  cameras are often also exposed to challenging lighting conditions such as bright lights shining at them at night, back lighting, shadows, etc.  Surveillance cameras with features like wide dynamic range (WDR) and headlight masking, can be used in these  situations.
  • Wiring – one of the most fundamental considerations in the design of a video surveillance system is how to connect the cameras to the digital video recorder (DVR).  There are three main ways to connect the security cameras:
    • Coaxial Cable is the most common method of connecting the cameras.  A special cable called Siamese, combines an RG59 coax cable for the video along with two power wires to power the security camera.
    • Ethernet cable can be used to connect both traditional analog and new IP security cameras.  For IP surveillance cameras the Ethernet connector plugs directly into the camera and can even power the security camera using something called power over Ethernet (POE).  For connecting traditional security cameras, a small adapter called a balun is used to convert between coax and Ethernet.
    • Wireless security camera transmitters and receivers can be used in cases where it isn’t practical to get a wire to your security camera from the DVR.  It should be noted though, that the security camera and wireless transmitter will still need to get power locally.
  • Security Camera Installation in Kansas City – Shield has expert system designers and installers and can handle the most sophisticated security camera installations.
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