Security Cameras

Selecting the Right Cameras is the Key

Security Cameras Kansas City

There are a multitude of features that are contained in modern video surveillance systems and we will touch on a number of them here.

While the choices may seem confusing, determining the basic requirements of each camera helps narrow down the selection immensely

Camera Technology

  • High Definition Analog  Cameras use the HD-TVI standard and are capable of capturing resolutions of up to 5 mega-pixels which is more than is required in most applications.  They are able to utilize the same wiring as traditional analog security cameras, so they are the perfect choice for system upgrades as well.
  • IP Cameras typically have resolutions starting at around 1080p with 2 mega-pixels and going up to 8 mega-pixels or higher.  An 8MP camera has the same resolution as a 4K Ultra-HD television and therefore to fully appreciate the clarity, one would want to view them on a 4K Ultra-HD monitor.
  • Traditional Analog cameras quote resolutions up to normally  800 TVL, but they are connected to a DVR that records only 480 lines.

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Below are a variety of cameras that we have used, but every application is different and we will use the right camera for each of your locations.


2MP HD-TVI Turret Camera 3.6mm (normal), 65' IR

3MP security camera

3MP HD-TVI turret camera 2.8 mm (wide), 65' IR

motorized 5MP HD-TVI

5MP HD-TVI Turret Camera 2.8-12mm Motorized Zoom

Sony Starvis Night Vision

Speco Intensifier 2MP

2MP HD-TVI Turret Camera 3.6mm (normal), Speco Intensifier II Night Vision

360 degree IP 6MP

360 Degree, IP Camera Produces 4 separate images 6MP, 50' IR

4MP IP Camera

2MP, 3MP, or 5MP IP Turret 2.8 mm (wide), 125' IR


2MP IP Pan-Tilt-Zoom

20x Zoom, 492' IR

180 degree 8MP

8MP, 180 degree, IP Camera Produces 4 Separate Images 

Kansas City  Video Surveillance

When designing video surveillance systems in Kansas City there are a number of factors to take into account.  Weather is the largest factor.  Kansas City Video Surveillance Systems need to withstand a wide range of weather conditions from sub-zero temperatures to scorching heat, ice, snow, rain and lightning.  These extremes often make it a good idea to get an extended service plan to protect your investment. We also install high quality video surveillance systems in Overland Park, Olathe, Lee's Summit and all around the Kansas City area.

  • Expert installation of new Mega-Pixel Camera Systems
  • Remote Camera viewing from Smart-Phone, Tablet or PC
  • 24/7 or Motion Activated Recording
  • Infra-red and light enhancement, Night vision options
  • Protect your Home, Business, Employees and Customers
  • A+ Rated by Better Business Bureau of Kansas City

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