Temperature Monitoring

There are a number of applications where it is useful to monitor temperatures.

Refrigerator Monitoring

A temperature probe can be placed inside the refrigerator or freezer to continuosly monitor the temperature.  If the temperature exceeds the threshold that was programmed for it, a signal is sent to the keypad and to the SHIELD central station.  We will in turn, contact you to let you know of the condition.  This is useful for restuarants or vacation homes where you might not know that you had lost refrigeration.

Pipe Freeze Monitor

There are two ways to monitor for freezing pipes.  You can use a water sensor for after the pipe has burst, or you can use temperature sensors to alert you when the temperature drops below a predefined threshold, say 40 degrees.  Obviously we recommend the preventive approach, just as we do for crime.  When we receive the temperature alert, we will again contact you or whoever you designate.  Hopefully at that point someone is able to either turn up the thermostat or service the heater, if required.

Thermostat Control

New thermostats have been introduced that will allow you to control them over the internet through your security system web portal.  The security system can automatically turn back the thermostat when you arm the system to away.  You can also automatically control the thermostat based current whether that is broadcast to the system.

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