How Shield differs from ADT Kansas City

One of our favorite questions is “How are you different from ADT Kansas City?” It is a good question and the answers to the question are important.  To start with, ADT Home Security Systems is a dealer program which makes it difficult to answer the question precisely, because there are a multitude of “authorized Kansas City ADT Dealers” in the Kansas City area.  They are all competing with one another with a non differentiated product, so offers may vary between them.

The main product of ADT Kansas City is usually a security system that they tell you is worth over $800 that they are giving away for free.  You will often have door knockers disturb you from multiple dealers, especially if you recently moved.  You will also receive annoying phone calls attempting to lure you with “free ADT security systems”.  In most cases, the offer is to give you the equipment for free with only a $99 installation fee.  the catch is the 3 year contract that usually is required.  Essentially, your monitoring rate is raised by enough to pay for the ADT equipment in those three years, but after the equipment is paid for, you continue to pay the inflated monitoring rate.

At Shield, we can usually monitor your existing land-line security system for just $21.95 per month, and if you want to upgrade to tamper resistant cellular monitoring it is only $11 more.  If you don’t have an existing system, we will sell you one at a very competitive price and then monitor your security system without requiring the expensive multi year agreement.

Everyone’s security system needs are different, but we would recommend checking reviews and ratings on Google, Angie’s List, and the Kansas City Better Business Bureau, before making your final decision.


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