How to Silence Security System Siren

How to Silence Security System Siren without Passcode

When your alarm system goes off there are recommended ways of silencing the siren and cancelling the alarm.  There are situation though where the Siren won’t stop with normal means.  Such causes include:

  • Security System was powered off in alarm and when plugged back in the siren started
  • A power surge damaged system
  • System was armed accidentally and the user code is not known

Regardless of the cause, when that siren sounds, people are in a hurry to find a way to silence it.  In most cases, the following steps will work:

  1. For a traditional security system, find the alarm control box (figure 1), which is often hidden out of sight in a closet or in the basement.  It will usually be a large metal box with many wires running into it.
  2. Open the box with the key that should be nearby.  Some boxes are held shut with a screw.
  3. Remove either the red or black wire from a terminal on the security system battery (figure 2).  The battery will be a large rectangular object measuring roughly 4″ x 4″ x 3″
  4. Next Find the transformer (figure 3) that is plugged into the wall near the security system.  It is usually a tan cube about 3″x3″x3″ with a wire leading to the security system control panel.  Unplug the transformer.  Sometimes it will be screwed to the outlet in which case you will need to remove the screw first.

Once you have removed all of the power from the system, the siren will be silenced.

Note! Very often, people will call us to silence an alarm only to find out that it was not the security system that was making the noise.  It was often a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector near by.

Important Note! If you are unsure of what you are doing, call your security system company to talk you through the steps to make sure that you have identified the correct components and are removing the correct wires, etc.

Figure 3: Security System Transformer

Figure 3: Security System Transformer

Honeywell Security Panel

Figure 1: Security Panel

Security System Battery

Figure 2: Security System Battery


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