Avoid Security System Scams

Door to Door Security Systems?

With summer comes many of the things be enjoy, but unfortunately, it also brings vans full of out of state door to door security system peddlers.  These “sales people” are looking to get you to make an uninformed decision on the spot, before you have a chance to check out their company or consult the Better Business Bureau.  Here are some tips to avoid being ripped-off:

  1. Don’t ever buy from them on the spot.  Get a quote in writing and then check out the company and call them back.  If you can’t reach a local office, then that should be a red flag.
  2. There is no such thing as a free security system.  You either pay for it up front and really own it, or you sign a long term agreement and pay for through higher monitoring fees.
  3. Don’t fall for the line, “We aren’t salespeople, we are from the marketing department and wanted to place a sign in your lovely yard, in return we will give you a free security system.”  That system will end up being far from free.
  4. Don’t believe them if they say they can get you out of an existing contract with no penalty.  They don’t know what is in your current agreement and they will say most anything to get you to sign.
  5. Don’t let them trick you into getting into your house.  They are often very hard to get rid of.  They are trained to not leave without a signed agreement.
  6. They sometimes pretend to be from other companies to get credibility.  Get their business card and offer to call them another day, after you have verified their identity with the company.

Security System Telemarketers?

Security System Telemarketers are usually third parties that get paid for each appointment they set.  They will often  use carefully worded scripts intended to trick you into agreeing to a sales call, or worse yet, to buy a system over the phone.  Here are some things to watch out for:

  1. They often will mention a major brand of security system that they sell, rather than the company that actually hired them
  2. They might say that you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free security system
  3. They might ask if you would be interested in learning more about a free security system
  4. They will usually ask if you have a current security system and if you are the home owner

Choosing the Best Kansas City Area Security System Company

The bottom line is that a security system is a very important decision and it should be designed during a professional consultation and installed and monitored by a reputable company that you can trust.  You should choose the security system company, don’t let them choose you.  Do your homework, so that when you buy, you are getting the peace of mind that you deserve.

Tony Thurman

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