Burglars Caught and Arrested using Leading Edge Video System

This month, one of our new customers got a call in the middle of the night, that intruders were trespassing at his business.  Well, in the alarm business, that is unfortunately nothing new, but how the thieves were caught is new.

An innovative new high-definition Security Camera system had been installed just eight days earlier.  This system has a sophisticated motion detection processor that determines the size of the object and then sends an alert to the owner and our central station whenever there is motion detected outside normal hours.  Not only that though, it actually sends a video clip that they can watch from their computer or smart phone! Well at about midnight, our central station called the client to inform him that they were watching three men burglarizing his business.  The central station dispatched the police who arrived on the scene and took the men into custody.

Systems such as this can help small businesses protect themselves without the expense of a dedicated security guard.  Security guard services could also use this technology to dispatch their officers.

Tony Thurman

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