Security System Apps for Android and iPhone

Have you ever gotten to work and wondered if the garage door was closed?  Have you ever gotten to the airport and wondered is you remembered to arm the security system?

Honeywell’s  makes it easy to find out this and much more.  In fact, if you did forget to arm the security system or close the garage door, it could let you do it from your smart phone as well.  In this post, I’m simply going to describe a few of the Total Connect applications that we have done.  While I’m using Total Connect as an example, offers similar features. 

Case 1:  Rex had sensors installed on his overhead garage doors and gets an email alert everytime the garage door is opened or closed.  He now needs olny glance at his smart phone to determine if the garage door is closed.

Case 2: Jennifer wanted to get an email alert each time her daughter got home from school and wanted a video clip attached so she would have the peace of mind of knowing she got home OK.  Total Connect was configured to send a 20 second video clip from a security camera near alarm keypad each time the system was armed or disarmed. 

Case 3: Nick has a system configured to send updates as door way sensors are tripped so that he knows when his elderly parent moves from one room to another.  This way, he doesn’t have to worry about the scenario like we hear about where someone needs help and can’t get to a phone to call for help.  If no activity is reported, Nick can have someone check on his parent. This is service is called In Home Activity Tracking

Case 4: Gina has a vacant house that she wants to be able to monitor, and when service people or realtors are going to be there, she can disarm the system.  She also gets an alert when the door opens so that she will know when the people came and left.

The are but a few of the possibilities that exist.  We haven’t even touched on the light control, electric locks and thermostat control options that also exist.  These capabilities represent the next wave in home security.  You can now monitor and control your home from anywhere with internet access and with powerful iPhone and Android apps.

Tony Thurman

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